Email and RSS feed news roundup 1/3

January 3rd, 2010 by Menachem Wecker

It’s a “truly exciting time: for contemporary Iranian and Middle Eastern art, at least according to this.

Image on the right: a Chagall recently acquired by a Jewish museum in London. I’m not sure why the NY Times piece declares so assuredly that Chagall’s use of the crucifixion motif was “is used as a metaphor for persecuted Jewry.” I’m also curious, given the quality of the piece, that there is no discussion about its provenance or authenticity.

RIP Robert Smith, 81, president and trustee of the National Gallery of Art, who was also very involved in Jewish philanthropy. WaPo obituary.

A great post on Pastor Rick Warren and church fund raising, the media.

A Catholic priest, who “long ago discarded his clerical collar in favor of a painter’s smock.”

“In Jewish thought, art is about the spiritual beauty and the essence it embodies. The external is only a way to exalt the inner spirit. And, of course, beauty brings the viewer to a higher dimension,” says Rabbi Yonah Weinrib, who, as you can see from viewing his work in the video below, is unfairly compared to Chagall and van Gogh in the lead paragraph.

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