Merry Christmas roundup

December 25th, 2009 by Menachem Wecker

Germany to Egypt: Nefertiti too fragile to return.

Vatican: Simpsons are “realistic & intelligent.” (The Pope’s OK too.)

Amazing article by Benyamin Cohen on Jewish Christmas Eve (with references to rabbinic-ordained sex-free Dec. 24, tearing toilet paper, poker).

Simon Wiesenthal Center apparently convinces eBay to cancel a sale of an Auschwitz-like sign. The Center says the seller is trying to “cash in” on the recent theft of the sign, but I fail to see the problem here. Many Jewish-run auction houses deal in Antisemitica, and there shouldn’t be a problem with that.

Driven from the mainstream, Muslims with extremist approaches to their faith are thriving online and “exploit[ing] visitors’ religious illiteracy,” says altmuslim.

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