Note on the passing of the Bostoner Rebbe

December 6th, 2009 by Menachem Wecker

I was very sad to learn that Rabbi Levi Yitzchak Horowitz, the Bostoner Rebbe (synagogue website), passed away yesterday in Israel.

Here is one thing about the Rebbe that I did not know: “In 1943, Horowitz marched to Washington to ask President Franklin D. Roosevelt to save the Jews of Europe from Hitler.” For more about the Rebbe, see this JTA article.

I have been to the Bostoner synagogue hundreds of times, and spent two summers working in the synagogue’s office, where I worked directly with the Rebbe and with his son, Rav Naftali.

I am very grateful for having had the privilege of working for the Rebbe. Not only have Jewish communities in Boston and throughout the world lost a great man, but this is a tremendous loss to religious communities worldwide. Rest in piece Rebbe Zt”l, zecher tzaddik l’vracha (”may the memory of this righteous man be a blessing [for all of us]”).

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