AIDS day, honoring iconoclasts, Googling Iraqi art

December 1st, 2009 by Menachem Wecker

For AIDS day, SLU’s MOCRA observes a “Day Without Art” with a painting based on St. Christopher (who carried Christ across a river). See also a post from Jesus in Love Blog.

A columnist says he’d like to see a monument celebrating the Christian iconoclasts. At first I thought the piece was completely ironic, but after rereading it, I realized that wasn’t the intent.

Google will digitally preserve the Iraqi artifacts that managed to survive the bombings/lootings.

A modern day artist says when she works, “I absolutely feel like I am keeping company with these great iconographers of the past.”

A “Catholic Jew” reflects on Miriam’s well and art. I don’t follow the post at all, and I must admit I can’t tell if it is informative or nonsensical. If anyone can help decipher it, please let me know.

LA Times covers Barbara Mendes’ evolution from “raw and sexual” underground comics artist to Orthodox Jewish biblical painter.

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